I'm a commercial and assignment photographer based in Bozeman, MT, specializing in everything related to boating, hunting and fishing, and outdoor pursuits. My passions include nature, hunting and fishing, bird dogs, wild game, studio lighting, and Photoshop.


Years ago I decided never to let a lack of knowledge or equipment prevent me from creating the images I wanted. Which led to studio lighting, extensive Photoshop training, and learning to photograph with post-production in mind. Formerly a magazine editor, I approach every assignment in search of the story and bring an art director's mindset to each commercial shoot. 

I'm Your Guy

If you manufacture an outdoor product, I'm probably a customer. If you want dramatic and realistic photography showcasing your products, I bring years of personal experience to each job and a critical eye for detail. If you know what you want, I can capture it; if you don't, I'll help you figure it out. Whatever your photographic needs, I show up with an upbeat attitude, a collaborative spirit, a creative eye, and a great work ethic.

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